Can you be invisible on Facebook?

Most students with a Facebook profile have at least once been nagged by their parent to “be safe”, “be careful”, or “watch what you post”. A seemingly great way to avoid all of this was to make yourself invisible to the Facebook world. This could be done through a few simple clicks on your profile’s […]

YouTube Video

So I want to first start off this blog by saying that I don’t fully understand the craze of YouTube, and frankly are jealous of those who are. I maybe have time to watch a three minute video every week, let alone be one of those people who know everything about how YouTube works and […]

Enter Code At Checkout

I am in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. So today, I utilized all 50 minuets of my finance class to search for the perfect pair online. I skimmed through the normal stores I shop at to see if any jeans were on sale, or if any fall specials were taking place. I […]

Super Bowl Commercials

I know that hate is a very strong word, but I hate football. I just don’t understand it and have never grown up watching it. So when thinking back to the 2013 Super Bowl, I know for sure that I didn’t watch the actual game. With that, remembering commercials is a little tricky for me. […]

My Favorite Blog

Let me start off by saying that I have never had any interest in blogs and blogging. I often feel so busy where it’s a big accomplishment just to read a story or two off the front page of my New York Times laptop home screen. So this assignment was particularly interesting for me. I […]