Can you be invisible on Facebook?

Most students with a Facebook profile have at least once been nagged by their parent to “be safe”, “be careful”, or “watch what you post”. A seemingly great way to avoid all of this was to make yourself invisible to the Facebook world. This could be done through a few simple clicks on your profile’s privacy settings. Facebook is now getting rid of the setting that enables user’s profiles to not appear if their name was searched. Essentially, if I had that setting, no one could see that I had a profile on Facebook if they looked for me.




Users assumed that this was a fool proof way of avoiding the negative effects of being unprofessional or inappropriate on Facebook. However, most users didn’t realize that their profile could still be found via posts, likes, picture uploads etc.




Facebook has many reasons to support this change. First of all, only a tiny percentage of Facebook users actually use the setting. I would assume that with that, most are unaware that their profile can be found in many other ways. There are also many alternative options that are more efficient and user friendly, or do what users think the old setting did. The privacy setting for posts, pictures etc. is a viable alternative to the name search option.




The articles I read on this emphasized Facebook’s transparency with the issue, something that they have been critiqued for in the past. This change at first seems like a big deal, but once research occurs and knowledge of the alternatives is brought forth, I don’t see the general population having a problem with it. 




Attached is a great article with some of the details: Image


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