Enter Code At Checkout

I am in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. So today, I utilized all 50 minuets of my finance class to search for the perfect pair online. I skimmed through the normal stores I shop at to see if any jeans were on sale, or if any fall specials were taking place. I finally happened upon Gap to fill my jean fix.

Gap sells all sorts of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. The online store is extremely clear and easy to navigate. The company that owns Gap, also owns four similar brands, so at the top of the webpage you can flip companies, and everything will stay in your shopping cart. So essential you have one shopping cart for five stores, which proves to be a great convenience by not so wonderful for my wallet. The only negative to this is that some stores have free shipping and others don’t, so it gets complicated when buying from more than one store, and if you buy from a free shipping store then everything ships for free, but that is not clear without doing some digging. 

TODAY ONLY! (blue letters) MIDWEEK (sea foam green letters) PICK-ME-UP (hot pink letters) 35% OFF YOUR PURCHASE (gold letters) stretch across Gap’s homepage. “What else can I buy”, I thought to myself, as those words registered earlier today. This is a huge incentive offered for customers to buy something, even if they don’t need it. It is an especially great offer because it also takes 35% off of the already on sale items. This is a fantastic and effective way not only to get customers to purchase a product, but to get customers to purchase things that are new in stock, more expensive or simply just lots of things that they don’t need because they are on a great sale. The discount has to be enough to attract customers, so the same draw wouldn’t be there if the discount was, say, 10%. 

The only significant problem I saw with this was at checkout. You could register as a guest (email only) or sign up for a free account that just saves all of your information. The problem is that the spot to enter in the promo code to get the 35% off is pretty hidden. A customer has to enter in their shipping address and at the very bottom of the page, under where the credit card info goes, there is a small, very easy to miss, slot for promo codes. It would be nice if a customer didn’t have to type in so much information to see what the price of the items with the discount were. Other sites have a promo code section before you check out, which shows the total discount. I think this acts as an added incentive because a customer can see how much money they are saving, possibly spending more because they are saving so much. 


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