Bunny Food For My Rabbit Teeth Demographics

The blog, Bunny Food for my Rabbit Teeth is my personal favorite, and popular with many of my friends. With the knowledge that this blog is popular with my friends, I was curious what the data on the blog is.

Research shows that primarily college aged, college educated, females follow the blog. The blog is viewed from school or home, and it shows only US residents have accessed the website. These demographics 100% match up with the content of the blog. Not only is the blog written in first person by a female, the blog promotes makeup lines, clothing (below) and similar consumer goods that are geared towards women. Image

The bounce rate for the site is 68.5%, however there is so much information on the first page where this isn’t surprising. Alexa.com, where the data and information was collected from, said that the statistics were not very strong, and from a statistical perspective, they aren’t completely reliable. The graph trend shows that the website is on a plateau and going slightly downward right now. The overall trent is that is shot straight up, so got very popular very fast, and then stopped growing or calmed down. Most of the views were online vs mobile, and the website was discovered through a Google, Facebook or Pinterest link. Unique visitors were proportioned with 13.5% from Google, and with 9.5 % from both pinterest and Facebook. With the way the site is set up, it is overwhelming to view on a smart phone, and the information seems more cluttered on a mobile site.


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