Super Bowl Commercials

I know that hate is a very strong word, but I hate football. I just don’t understand it and have never grown up watching it. So when thinking back to the 2013 Super Bowl, I know for sure that I didn’t watch the actual game. With that, remembering commercials is a little tricky for me. I am honestly interested in what commercials were popular or controversial, but I usually just watch them on youtube after hearing about them from my friends or on the news.  With that being said, the most memorable commercial from the 2013 Super Bowl for me was the M&M commercial.  Which is linked below. The other ad that I have connected with the 2013 Super Bowl is the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial, also linked below.


The M&M’s commercial still makes me laugh, even though I have seen it over and over- which is why it is successful. The Darth Vader ad is something that I cannot get enough of. We talked specifically about this in my integrated marketing communications class. The ad is powerful because you don’t know what it is for until the very end, similar to the internet explorer ad that we watched in class. It keeps you guessing but also draws you into the story of the ad because it’s not forcing a brand or concept on the consumers.


M&M’s commercial:


Darth Vader:


After our class discussion, I have to say that I think the brand with the strongest social media tie in was Budweiser with the hashtag clydesdales. The company is aware of the age demographic who are active users on Twitter and where that overlaps with who drinks their beer, and capitalizes on that specific population. Pulling fans in on naming the horse was a great idea to get people talking about the brand far past the commercial. However, I would maybe have picked an easier word to spell if I were Budweiser, and have made the hashtag more obvious throughout the commercial.


Predictions for 2014: I think that companies have, or should have, learned their lesson on Twitter hashtags and will buy them from now on. That is the biggest difference I predict. I also think that my generation is pulling away from Facebook and more towards Twitter, so the companies will be more deliberate on the choice of their social media platform as to who their target market is. In general, I also think that companies will capitalize on social media, making it more apart of their commercials than ever before. It was definitely noted last year the lack of synergy with social media, so I think that will change. Especially with Twitter going through the IPO process right now, the importance of social media and the market share that it creates is on everyone’s radar.


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