My Favorite Blog

Let me start off by saying that I have never had any interest in blogs and blogging. I often feel so busy where it’s a big accomplishment just to read a story or two off the front page of my New York Times laptop home screen. So this assignment was particularly interesting for me. I began to my journey to find a favorite blog over coffee with some of my sorority sisters. We meet almost every morning to finish up last minute homework, but that is just code for chatting and distracting each other from schoolwork that we actually need to get done. In the middle of an all so serious conversation about the online sale at JCrew, I interrupted and asked my friends if they followed any really good blogs that I would like. The conversation quickly turned into 3 girls spilling out names of blogs at me, and my brain trying to follow anything. Most of these blog suggestions were centered around fashion, or celebrity blogs, neither topic of great interest to me. As the initial excitement died down, my roommate from last year said “rabbit food for my bunny teeth.” After sorting through those words, and becoming unpuzzled, I asked her what it was about. She knows me well enough to know what I would like, so I trusted this suggestion about rabbits and teeth over the ones about fashion and gossip.

I typed in to my search bar, skimmed through the blog and really liked what I saw. I didn’t want to jump to quick conclusions that my first blog I visited would be my favorite, so I explored a few more, but kept coming back to Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth. This blog is about eating healthy, and eating a mostly whole foods, unprocessed diet, which I have done in previous years and absolutely loved. The blog explores recipes and differently types of food, but also vegan based products like makeup and different types of fitness. The blog is sectioned off two different ways, which makes it easy to navigate. Along the top runs sections that are the blog, about the author, the store, the sponsors etc. Then on the side of the blog, runs downward a list of 29 categories to sort through the blog posts by. They range from interviews to travel to fashion. Each one is so specific (recipes by breakfast, snack etc. and not just recipes in general. The site is designed very much with the reader in mind and is not only easy to navigate and search through, but they have suggestions on similar products and older blog posts that are along the same theme as the one the reader is currently viewing. It’s a genius way to get readers to visit multiple pages, becoming addicted to the content in the blog.

I think the reason I kept coming back to this blog in search of my favorite one, is how the information is presented. The blog is definitely an easy read, and the author writes in a story style about her own life and experiences. However, it’s not overly fluffy or fake where you feel as if you are reading a diary, which I have seen over and over again in blogs. This blog presents actual information, and as I read, I feel like I am learning about a topic that interests me. The writing style is full of personality, but is professional and very matter of fact- as in a presentation on a topic. There are paragraphs that are more of a personal chat style in the blog, but they are separated from the actual information, which I think is nice as a reader to be able to distinguish the difference.  There is also a whole Q&A page directed for readers that would like more of a personal touch to the blog. Overall, the set up and writing style of the blog is phenomenal and changed my initial impression of blogs, and I definitely will take them more seriously from now on.

The one area that I think could be improved falls underneath the content section. I really like all of the information, and you can tell that the author researches things very carefully and takes time into putting together information that can be trusted and that is correct. However, I wish there was some sort of citation for some of the information to show its validity. Similar to that, I wish there were links or resources to what that author reads, watches etc not for validity but just to explore on my own. If a reader of this blog wanted to know more about a specific topic, the blog would not be of assistance in finding resources to do that. Where as a simple improvement of “check out this website for more info on ….”  would be seen as a huge asset in my eyes.

The blog site has links to the affiliated Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Not only does the blog author Catherine post on them often, she communicates back to her followers through all types of social media including responding to comments posted on the blog. She uploads a picture to Instagram every day or two, getting the blog brand out there, but not too overwhelming like other blogs or celebrities (the Kardashians’ overuse of Instagram). Her (Catherine as the author of the blog) Twitter and Facebook are also easily as engaging, posting highlights of the blog post or links to the blog multiple times a day. What I find most impressive is that on every platform, she responds directly to individuals, showing that she actually reads the posts and comments, caring about her readers.


One thought on “My Favorite Blog

  1. Well written and I like that you explained how you came to find and start liking the blog. Good use of conversational style and I am glad you had the link to the site.

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